About Us

ValveCo DMCC focuses in Middle East & Africa where we are primarily located in Dubai  providing a full variety providing a full variety of high-quality pneumatic conveying components to diverse sectors.

At ValveCo DMCC, we are fully devoted to exceeding our customers’ highest expectations in terms of meeting their solids handling expertise developed over years of experience,  handling of goods in the Food, Dairy, Sugar & Starch, Chemicals, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals.

It is always our policy to give prompt, courteous service while maintaining consistency in response to the constantly evolving needs of the sectors we serve. This inspires faith in our ability to carry on doing so with complete honesty.

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ValveCo DMCC Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year of  Sep 2022. They are known for Setting,Create, Manufacture, Set-up and Maintain Systems and Apparatus. ValveCo DMCC believes in scaling new heights while staying determined to deliver the best.

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