Pneumatic Impactor


  • Pneumatic Impactor operates on a principle variant from other vibration type flow aids in the sense that the impact force is of high intensity but of low frequency. The high intensity and low frequency design facilitates to mount the impactor on thin walled hoppers/silos without damage to them.
  • The impactor is made of Cast Iron body. It has a completely enclosed Neoprene impact head with integral spring return air cylinder.
  • The standard impactor assembly consists of impact head, connecting hose, quick exhaust valve, air reservoir manual or solenoid operated valve for remote operation. As an optional, if required a timer circuit can be provided to activate the solenoid valve at required intervals for a required number of times.
  • While ordering, it is to be stated that whether manual or solenoid operation is needed and also a timer circuit is required to operate the solenoid at regular intervals.

• Rugged design
• Simple to operate
• As a flow aid to overcome bridging, rat holing and compacting of bulk solids in silos/hoppers etc
• Safe for existing hoppers/silos with thin wall
• Suitable for heavy duty application
• Easy to install at site.

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