ValveCo Services And Maintenances


Parts Inspection

We provide Annual Maintenance Contracts that include regular inspections at predetermined intervals, regular maintenance, any necessary troubleshooting is done.


Special Checks

Any replacement of worn-out components, training of the site supervisors in system maintenance is carried out under the expertise of ValveCo DMCC. 


Deviation Reports

ValveCo DMCC services range from consulting with customers on integrity of a new design to providing troubleshooting performed at process manufacturing facilities


Certification Where Necessary

During maintenance, operators are trained with certification to assemble products. Additionally, they receive instruction on how to properly use the system during or after commissioning.


Spares Support

All essential technology spare parts are produces internally under high quality standards. We make sure that our supplier partners have a minimum amount of vital stocks on hand.


After Assembly

Our in-depth insight and thorough comprehension of the complicated behaviour of bulk materials have gained the trust of our customers, regardless of whether we are working with a straightforward system or attaining exceptional performance with challenging materials.

  • Valveco is young and energetic company with passion to deliver value to the customers . We undertake servicing of Rotary Valves, Diverter Valves, Blowers & Pneumatic Conveying Components. We do not have limitations in servicing other makes of Valve. Airlock has professionally trained engineers / technicians to service all the makes of Valves. Company has a separate service facility and a team to perform all service activities.
  • Our factory trained engineers will discuss and finalize the most appropriate program the plant needs. These ranges from services that are cost effective, proactive and compliance oriented. For example, we have Drop-in replacement concept which is unique in the market offered by us. Please feel free to contact us for detail discussion on the above concept.
  • Our engineers are factory trained in servicing various brands of Blowers, Rotary Valves, Diverter Valves, Butterfly Valves and other equipment’s mostly used in the process industries. We stock commonly used Spares for these items.


Rotary Valve

Diverter Valve

Roots Blower


Rotary Valve

Diverter Valve

Roots Blower

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